Marketing is an important aspect of any type of business. If people don’t know that your business is there or what it does it is impossible to build a strong customer base. Marketing is especially important for restaurants these days. Cities in our country are expanding at a rapid rate and with the expansion of cities comes the demand for new businesses, including restaurants. In the city where I live there are new restaurants opening up every week. There are so many different places that I want to check out but with more restaurants being added to that list every day it is hard to keep track of every place. With so many different restaurants to choose from these days, restaurant marketing has become more and more vital to the success of one’s business.

restaurant web designWord of mouth marketing is an incredibly important piece of the marketing strategy for any restaurant. If you aren’t selling a product and creating a dining experience that is worth talking about, you are in the wrong business. A lot of restaurants rely on business that comes from recommendations from current customers. This brings in new people to experience your restaurant and lends itself to the cycle of business promotion. However, word of mouth marketing isn’t enough to make the cut these days. With so many different options and strategies for marketing one’s business it seems ridiculous to rely on word of mouth itself, even when talking about restaurants. Nowadays it seems that everyone relies heavily on the internet as a source of information. If someone is looking for the best brunch spot in town or the best happy hour, they are undoubtably going to turn to the internet. If your restaurant doesn’t at least have a website then you are in big trouble. A website alone is vital but for a restaurant web design is equally important.

Having a web site for your restaurant is a good start but having a good web design is necessary. For many people, the restaurant’s web site will be their first impression of the business. A website should convey the brand and give potential customers an insight in to the business’ vision. There are some companies out there who specialize in restaurant web design in order to help promote the restaurant’s business. One such company is called Restaurant Marketing Gurus. Restaurant Marking Gurus specializes in a marketing tool called SEO (search engine optimization). This marketing tool has gained popularity as the internet continues to rise in influence and power. Utilizing Search Engine Optimization can help to increase the traffic through a company’s website by linking keywords to the company’s site. This can help to bump the company’s website to the top of the search engine. For example, if a company that specializes in restaurant marketing hired another company to increase their web traffic, the hired company would write articles that highlight specified key words.These key words would be linked to the company’s website and therefore increase their position on the search engine.


Growing up I had braces a few times and it was fairly terrible. Thankfully I was young enough that I was kind of in that time period where a lot of kids in my grade had braces as well so it was not so bad but it was still ver far from a pleasant or fun thing. Not only did I feel increasingly not cool because I had braces but they were also uncomfortable, they hurt all of the time and I had to go to the orthodontist every few weeks for them to put in a new big thick wire and new bands. I guess this part did at least have the silver lining of that I got to miss a decent amount of school while I had braces but generally this was still not a good moment in my life. Actually, I had to have braces twice as a kid so the more appropriate thing to say is probably that neither of these times were good periods in my life.

dentistNow I do not know why my teeth did this to me or why they hate me so much but not only did I have to get braces twice as a kid but shortly after I got my last set of braces off my teeth began to move again back towards the place where the orthodontist and I had worked so hard to get them away from. I let this go through out high school but then while I was on the last year of my parents health insurance plan before I got booted I decided that I wanted to do something about it. I knew that I was not going to go through braces again, especially now as an adult but I was curious about Invisalign.
I had heard the basics about Invisalign, I am not sure exactly where from really, I think it might just be one of those things that gets so much attention that it is hard not to hear about it from one place or another. I have a regular dentist here in Colorado called Riverfront so I called them up and asked if they also did Invisalign, turns out they do! I guess one of the really nice things about Invisalign is that it is so easy to do that normal dentists can do it so you do not have to go to a specific orthodontist any more. I am not particularly sure what the price difference would be between a normal family dentist and an orthodontist would be, if there even is one at all, but I would kind of think that going to an orthodontist would be more expensive for something like this since an orthodontist is a specialist and speciality doctors are always more expensive than general practice doctors so I would kind of guess that it is the same with dentists. Quite frankly though even if Invisalign is more expensive than normal braces for me it would still be incredibly worth it.


New home needed carpet cleaning before the new owner moved in

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Sophia had been saving up for several years after college to buy her own place. She had rented for years, typically moving every year to get a better deal so she could save more, and she had finally narrowed down the area she wanted to live in. Sophia had done the math and knew how much the homes were going for in that neighborhood, and she knew she was close carpet cleaningbut needed just a few more months of saving before she would be in the right position to actually purchase a home. As she got closer and closer to being ready with a down payment, she reached out to a loan officer and a realtor to get the process started. Once she had narrowed down the loan amount she was pre-qualified for and picked a realtor she liked, Sophia was well on her way towards purchasing her first home and she was starting to get really excited.

She had looked at a lot of different homes online for the past several months to help her do the calculations about how much she would need to be able to live in the type of home she wanted in the location she wanted. She had a variety of different options she wanted to look at and was willing to consider, and knew what her deal breakers were in a home. She knew she wanted some carpet and some hardwood flooring, but that she was willing to compromise on either of those because she could change it later. She wanted a minimum of two bedrooms so she could have visitors or a tenant, and that she was not willing to compromise on. Her realtor lined up several showings to start narrowing down the rest of the options she was unsure about.

The first few homes were not quite right. One did not have enough space, and another was just slightly too far away from work. Finally he set her up to see one that he warned her would need a little bit of work but was actually a great deal, because the work was mostly cosmetic. If she played her cards right she could come out ahead of the price she was willing to spend but not sacrifice the quality of the house. When she looked at it she was a little shocked. The house was filthy and in need of a lot of cleaning. It clearly needed new paint, blinds, and serious carpet cleaning efforts. There was some hardwood floor in the living and dining area but it needed refinishing, and the bathrooms both needed heavy tile and grout cleaning before they could be used.

Sophia balked at first, but he convinced her to get quotes on how much the carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, painting, and window treatments would cost before making her final decision. Ultimately she got back prices that, in addition to the price of the home, would still keep her under her budget. She made an offer on the house and got the carpet cleaning guys in first thing!

These last few days have been pretty hot now that it’s full on summer, and I’m so glad that I have our central air repaired when I did.  The whole system really slowed down and wasn’t as cool near the end of last season and I had put off calling anyone to look at it because of the cost.  I knew winter was coming and I wouldn’t need the cool air much longer, so I suffered through the beginning of September with warm air and I was fine.

HVAC serviceI had competely forgotten about the problem, to tell you the truth, until a few weeks ago when were were getting our warm weather clothes out of the closet and I happened to glance out the window at our air conditioning system.  Suddenly I thought, “oh no, it’s going to be hot soon and I forgot that our air isn’t cool!”  I have become such a baby when it comes to saying cool and dry, I would never survive in a place without air conditioning now that I have it.  When I was younger I never had the luxury of even a window air unit, and now I’m addicted to my cool and sufficient central air supply.  So once gain I did not want to call anyone for repairs, or even to find out what was going on with the unit, because I was afraid it was going to cost a lot of money.  But I also assessed my comfort level in the June heat and decided that my coolness and sanity were worth whatever it was going to be, so I called an HVAC Service Company that had really good reviews online to come over and determine what the problem was.

Now, keep in mind as I’m explaining this that I still have no idea how a central air system works, so the details may be fuzzy.  I do know that when the servicer came out to look at everything it didn’t take him very long to find the problem - something about a coil or a hose that needed replaced.  I don’t know for sure, but I trusted him and he was right.  He said the replacement part wouldn’t cost very much, and while he had the unit open he would run an inspection to make sure nothing else was close to the end of its life.  So he replaced the part and said that everything looked pretty good, but maybe next summer I might have to call again for a little maintenance because a few other parts were still OK but might get worn this year.

I’m so relieved that I remembered to call for service when I did, because the very next week we experienced our first heat wave of the summer.  It was difficult to breathe outside but I felt so cool and comfortable inside my house.  The repairs that were needed were not expensive at all, and they could have been a lot worse had I let the system run again this summer.


If your company works all day to install gutters and fix old and broken gutters on homes and businesses, one interesting thing that I think that you should check into is how gutter machines can make your life a lot easier and your company run a lot smoother.

Just like there was all of the sudden this big boom in seamless siding a few years back, the same thing is happening to the popularity now of seamless gutters. It is in some way still a bit of a novel concept but there are finally companies that have figured out how to deliver seamless gutters to their customers and one of those ways is the gutter machine. The gutter machine allows your company to make the gutters on the spot in one long, continuous piece. The gutter machine is this somewhere around eight or nine feet long depending on the particular kind that you get, around three feet high and around 1000 pounds. Of course if you want a bigger or smaller gutter machine with more or fewer capabilities that is going to make a bit of a difference on the overall size and weight of the gutter machine. Some of the smaller ones can be fit in the back of a van which is nice because it allows you to take the gutter machine wherever you go and produce the gutters on the spot. Having a smaller gutter machine though does mean fewer capabilities if your company does a lot of big projects. You also have to pay special attention to making sure that nothing happens to the gutter machine since in transport is not exactly the safest place for big and expensive machinery.

gutter machineIf you think that going for the larger of the gutter machines would be a better fit for the types of projects that your company usually does there are a whole ‘nother list of benefits and things to look out for. On one hand it might be better to have a bigger gutter machine because it means that there is really almost nothing that you can’t do. The large gutter machines can be up to seventeen feet long, four feet wide, four feet high and weigh about three thousand pounds. These things can go anything you want with gutters but they are not exactly portable by any stretch of the imagination. There are also gutter machines that combine the process of typical gutter machines and add in things like a roof tile or siding machine. All that you have to do to switch from one process to the other is change out a few pieces and you are ready to go. This of course is really the big daddy of machinery like this but it is kind of worth it to be able to do all of the things that your company needs to do in just one machine.
No matter what kind of or size of gutters your company makes and installs, there is surely one size of gutter machine that would make your company run smoother and easier.

Today, technology controls more aspects of our lives than many of us realize.  Technology can do some truly amazing things, and one of the things which scientists and world leaders are pushing is the use of technology to help combat the effects of climate change and to come up with solutions which allow us to function in a world where we consume less, and give back more.

One way which technology is helping to do this, is through energy efficient digital energy networks.  Digital energy networks exist to help large facilities (often times multi-site facilities) manage their energy usage.  This is a complex job which requires a lot of planning and advanced data management technologies.  Today, many large facilities, organizations, and plants are getting increasing pressure to cut down on their energy usage.  This is for a variety of reasons, all which stem from the fact that continuing to consume non-renewable resources at our current rate is unsustainable.

Companies like Blue Pillar are leading the way in the green energy industry for large facilities.  While these facilities are struggling to figure out how to comply with new laws, Blue Pillar is creating innovative technology solutions which will allow these places to monitor their energy usage, plan their usage to be more energy efficient, and meet new guidelines. What Blue Pillar has done is create a data management system which tracks and stores information about energy usage.  You can monitor your usage and change things when needed.  For example, if you have a large power plant, you can monitor the energy usage from various machines.  This information will be stored on a cloud, where you can access it and adjust your usage accordingly.  You can set goals each month, and strive to reach those.  This is a great way to cut down on energy usage.

The other thing that is important is to plan correctly for your energy usage.  You want to start with a plan, and work from there.  There are many things which large companies can do to cut down on their energy usage, and there are many great resources available to learn more about these tricks to cut down on energy consumption and reach your energy goals.

By planning first, and setting up a system to monitor your energy usage, you can analyze this and set up new systems.  You will have control over your energy usage through up to date information on various operations.  This type of quick insight is what is changing the world we live in today.  Information is available at your fingertips, and this information is often what is needed to make informed decisions and implement new ideas.  Also, once these new ideas are implemented, you will have a system in place to easily monitor your success to see if you are reaching your new energy goals.  For example, you may see a space where you could cut down on consumption, and once you decide to cut down, you can compare that cut with performance.  These are the type of things which a well planed digital energy network can provide for you and your business.


When redecorating your home you want to be on top of the latest trends. It would be embarrassing to put outdated window coverings in your home and then invite friends over for a dinner party only to have your friends comment that your window coverings or  your new floor are “so last season”. If you are an entertainer then it is definitely important that you are up to date on the latest and current styles and fashions. Interiors Exteriors in Colorado Springs is a great place to go when you decide to put down new hardwood floors. Their decorators will help you pick something sophisticated and elegant that will match your style. Before you go in you may want to brush up on the latest trends. Here are some of the hottest trends in today’s hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring trends

Wider, longer planks. Longer planks can make a small space feel larger. It opens up the room and gives the impression that the room is larger than its actual size. 

gray tones. Any designer will tell you that gray is a great neutral color. Gray floors can modernize and old room and give you a completely updated new look. Gray floors range from light neutrals to deep saturated charcoals. 

Darker wood. A great way to make a bold statement is with a dark wood floor. If you are more contemporary than try a dark ebony stain. If you are more traditional then consider  a dark Walnut. You can even combine these two colors to achieve something truly unique. 

lime-washed woods. Lime washed is the opposite of dark wood and originated in Europe as a high-end flooring finish. The lime wash will give you a lighter color wood. This is a great option for sea side homes. 

wood flooring

lime-washed floor

Differing gloss levels. Low gloss level is high in fashion right now. Shiny floors are a big no no and should stay out of your house if you want to keep up with the Jones’. These floors will also do a much better job of hiding dust, dirt and footprints. They are much easier to keep clean while maintaining an elegant natural wood look. 

Vintage style. Authentic looking wood is in and is here to stay. The rustic feel of homes built in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries gives an ambiance of modern day sophistication and swagger. A vintage floor will always be in style and will give your friends something to talk about at your dinner parties. 

Wire-brushed woods. Texturized wood will give your home a snazzy new look. The wire brush exposes the woods natural grains and textures. This is a great look in wood cabins but really can be used in any setting. 

Reclaimed/recycled woods. If going green is your thing then reclaimed wood is a great option. It is distinctly aged with wisdom and sass. 

Any of these options are great to use, it all depends on your style. Let Interiors Exteriors install your next fashionable hardwood floor



The most important thing to remember about getting custom t-shirts printed is that there is a better price for a larger order. The more shirts that are going to be ordered and printed, the better the cost ratio is going to be. It always works out this way, so we always try to get the largest order that we can possibly afford to get, because in the end we will end up spending a lot more money on the printing and the t-shirts than if we were to do the ordering in a smaller batch. We often have a lot of shirts left over from an event, but we just keep using them or giving them out, and we always have shirts in the book store that we can sell as well. Then eventually there will be another large event that we are going to order shirts from, and at that point we will just restock or replenish the entire stock of shirts with the new printed orders. youth group t-shirt printingThe youth group is going to have a week long summer camp this year, and there are several different youth groups from around the state who are slated to attend as well. So we are going to be putting in a very large custom t-shirt printing order for the youth group. There will be one shirt that will have the church and youth group name on it, but then a larger batch will be ordered that is just about the camp so that all the other attendees will be able to wear and enjoy the shirts as well.

We will then have many t-shirts left over from that camp I’m sure, but we can still use them in other ways, so that won’t be a problem. The best case scenario would be if were able to sell them all at the camp, but we may just give some to each group at the end of the week if we have a lot left over still. We have always enjoyed ordering from Youth Group Shirts because they have a team of designers that are really great about getting it right. They understand what the kids think is cool right now, and what the kids are wanting to wear. They can make shirts that are really about what the youth group kids want to wear right now, so we are able to provide that for them. It is better if they get their shirts from us, because they then don’t need to worry about what kind of message they are sporting on their clothing. It will be something that they can proudly wear at any time that they want to, and they can be a representation to their school and their group of school friends for sure. There may be times that we need to order from a different t-shirt company, if the clothing is for the adults in the church. But for the youth group, we are really happy with what they have been able to produce for us.



Corporate Catering At It’s Best

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I just returned from a wedding this evening.  The bride was as beautiful as ever, the music got people on their feet, and the location and venue were picturesque.  So why, you might ask, would I not rate this event as one of my favorites?  The food was not so good.  Even worse, the cake was terrible. catering

Food makes or breaks an event, no matter what you do.  You can beef up a reception with extra activities, music, and wedding favors all you want, but if the food is lacking than the guests will be just a little less happy than you want them to be.  The people come to events expecting to eat, but no only that, they expect to eat well.  The monotony of three meals a day gets me down usually by about Wednesday evening.  I’m sick of cooking up new dishes and I can’t eat cereal for dinner one more time.  But I know that when the weekend comes around I’ll have a wedding to go to so I will get something delicious and filling food to hold me over until the next Wednesday at least.  This was not the case at my friend’s wedding tonight unfortunately.  The tacos were bland and soggy, the rice too spicy and dry, and the drink choices disappointing.  After inhaling my wet tacos and dry rice because I was so famished, all I wanted was a cold soda to make my palate happy.  I don’t drink soda very often, I save it for special occasions like weddings and restaurants.   But this wedding did not serve any, and once again I was a little bummed.

The same expectations arise when employees attend company gatherings or holiday parties that are catered.  They’ve had peanut butter and jelly for lunch three times this week already, so a company party should bring about a meal that is much more satisfying and plentiful.  Employees will dream of this new and exciting meal from the moment they hear about it, believe me.  I’ve worked at enough different places to know that anytime free and delicious food is mentioned, people come out of the woodwork to get in on the action.  That being said, if you’re one of the organizers on your company’s conference or party planning committee you should remember that the food quality is what the other employees will remember.  And good food, no matter how bad the overall conference or event goes, will produce good employee reviews of that event.  It makes no sense sometimes but we are just constantly hungry people, and tasty bites make us happy.

Professional catering services are equipped to cater any sort of event, and hopefully send out some spectacular food in the process.  They have specialized menus and service plans for theme parties or holiday parties, weddings and rehearsal dinners, corporate events and conferences, bar and bat mitzvahs, and anything else that you might come up with.  Most offer full plate service, buffet style, or anywhere in between for you and your guests.

Although I am only twenty-five I already pay great attention to the health of my skin. When I was growing up I always received comments about having nice skin and it was always something that I took for granted. I never knew what it was like not to have nice skin and I didn’t realize how good I really had it. When myself and my peers went through puberty, I never had acne or really any pimples. This is surprising considering that I didn’t do much to take good care of my skin. I don’t even know if I washed my face regularly until I was fourteen. When we were in high school my brother had pretty bad acne. He had more skin care products in our bathroom than I did, and when we would fight I used to make fun of his acne. One day my mom pointed out to me that I was taking for granted the fact that I had nice skin and it wasn’t fair for me to make fun of my brother. From then on I stopped making fun of my brother for his acne, but I did start taking better care of my skin.

DiamondTomeWhen I was in high school I started to take better care in choosing my skin care products and my skin care routine became more important to me over time. When I was in college I started to use anti-aging eye cream, although I didn’t have any wrinkles at the time. I viewed my skin care routine as being primarily preventative. After graduating from college I have become even more committed to my daily and nightly skin care routines. I work very hard and I know that it takes a toll on my skin, which is why it is so important to me that I take good care of it. I recently have started to look in to microdermabrasion to help get rid of the dead skins cells that build up on the face. There is a product called DiamondTome, which is a hand piece that has a diamond particle in the tip that helps to remove dead skin cells from the face and bring out the smoother, softer skin that is underneath. When I was first researching various treatments, I was turned off by the idea that I would have to deal with bright red, painful, and shiny skin for days after the treatment. After doing more research I found that there are many treatments, such as microdermabrasion or a glycolic peel, that aren’t so harsh on your skin, meaning you can return to your daily activities right after your treatment.

I would still like to do some more research before I decide to have a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, but it is definitely something that I am considering. For now I will continue on with my normal skin care routine, although a preventative chemical peel every once in a while couldn’t hurt. Maybe someday soon I will be ready.

One of the craziest places on earth has to be an Amazon warehouse during the Christmas shopping time.  There are probably millions of orders that go through on a weekly basis and I have to imagine that the software that is needed to make sure that all of those orders are completed in time and efficiently is quite impressive.  This is not something about which I have personally thought in the past, but now that I am on the subject, it is something kind of important.  When I think about Amazon any time, I try to think about the quickest and most efficient way that a company of that size can continually mail out packages and items with as little as 24 hours notice.

My feeling is that they utilize a warehouse management software to help their employees get the items that they need.  They are able to then walk up in pre prescribed channels to find the items for which they are looking.  My guess is that there is a computer on a cart or something like that that has a list of what they need.  It then sorts the list based off of where in the warehouse the employee is walking.  When they finish packing up all of the items that can fit into their cart, they then go to the packing center and hand it off.  When they leave the packing center, they probably have the list refreshed so that the most up to date times are on their only.

stock management systemThe business as a whole probably then has another level of software that tracks inventory. This software probably helps to make sure that all of the items that they may need to eventually send out to customers are available.  They would then never have to have someone overseeing it as their only position.  It could be part of a greater management job.  What I would look for, if I had this position, is a software that would alert me when something needed to be ordered and I could see if that was something time-dependent like a jersey or a book, or if it was something that was time elastic.  Then i would utilize that same software to buy or decline the items.

There are also other softwares out there that deal with supply chain management. These softwares are great at estimating how much time it takes for an items to get from point a to point b.  If I have a large amount of stuff that is to be shipped from China, then I would want to make sure that all of the items would get in to my warehouse at the specified time.  That is why you would need a system to monitor all of these things, developing an understanding between systems so that you can simply be aware of the process in restocking and development.  I hope that is something that I do not need to do, but it is interesting knowing that that sort of thing is out there for the benefit of people.


One thing that hospitals and medical offices need to often spend a good portion of money on is the tables that they have. Overtime these surgical tables become well used and begin to deteriorate. Bye-bye being able to have them renewed reevaluated and reconstructed to be useful again you can save thousands over having to purchase new tables. Medical Room TablesYou can have every stored look to these tables at a fraction of the cost that it costs to have new ones installed. The matter the different type of surgical tables that you have you can have these tables repaired for less money and be able to have something that you can truly have is a comfortable table for your patience. It is a big part of any hospital or medical office that being able to have a place for your patience to feel comfortable and it is an item that any patient will see during their visit no matter what it is for.

Being able to have these tables as important parts of any surgical procedure or medical procedure is a big portion of what needs to be as an important piece of equipment. They need to be well-kept and intact be able to offer the ability that each of these have, further you need purposes will have to them. To be able to ensure that all buttons and levers work properly for your paid-in since during no matter the process there four is an important part of having your medical office update and intact. Being able to have these tables reconstructed can truly bring the life back into town and have the menus for you again. Mad at the table whether it is a surgical tables or operating room tables you can have them repaired and restored to a manner that you can feel confident having your patients in and on. You avoid having to pay the thousands of dollars that it takes to have new ones installed. If you do decide the new ones are for you, you can always sell your tables as well as they retain value. Being able to have these rebuilt tables will meet all current expectations that he is needed by the medical industry today. Feel confident in knowing that you can have them replaced anytime a manner that you will not have to also go without as well. Replacement medical room tables can be installed during the process of having your old ones rebuilt to modern technologies and updated needs for your patience.

By being able to have the right solution you can save the money you need to have confidence that you will have all the controls and items in place that you need to for your tables. When you have everything in order and perfectly intact you can confidently serve the people you need to serve with their medical needs and problems.  In the end not only do you feel more confident when you have everything in order but your patients will also feel more confident in you.

nonprofit marketing

When you think about getting publicity for any kind of group, what do you first think of?  Some people rely on a feet on the ground kind of approach to getting the word out for whatever organization they are with.  Others might think about sending out mailers from the post office, and other might think about starting a telephone or call-in campaign in order to raise awareness for their organization.  While these are still doable strategies in the short term, their overall effectiveness won’t last in the long term, especially when it comes to the rapidly progressing technologies of our time.  For example, many people are not going to answer unsolicited phone calls, and many others often toss out mail they don’t recognize as exceedingly important.  However, there are plenty of new and improved ways of getting out to your desired audience, and that is the audience that is actively seeking you!  I understand that might seem a little bit backwards, but it makes sense if you think about it when it comes to internet searches.  For example, there are plenty of people who are regularly searching for the services via the larger search engines online.


Let’s say you are in need of a non profit marketing strategy for your fledgling non profit organization.  Instead of spending your time, money, and energy with going out to people who might not even be interested in your organization, make it a point to go directly to those who are looking for your services.  How do you know where to get to these kinds of people?  The internet, of course!  If you’re looking for help, definitely make it a point to hire the Nonprofit Marketing Gurus at Jemsu, as they have ample amounts of experience and knowledge in the field in order to get your organization and its website to get noticed in the wide ocean that is the internet.  How is this possible, you ask?  The smart and diligent workers at Jemsu are aware of non profit SEO, or search engine optimization.  This can be a little bit technical, but to explain it in its simplest terms is to say that search engine optimization aligns your website with search engines like Google and Yahoo and the requirements they deem as “important” when it comes to certain search criteria.  For example, if someone searches for “local non profit organization,” Jemsu tailors your website to contain certain analytic keywords and off-page coding that will boost the results page ranking for the search engine.  Basically, the people at Jemsu make it that your website “plays nicely” with Google, allowing it to show up on the first page of the search results.


In the end, it makes sense that this is one of the best ways to establish a non profit marketing strategy for your organization.  First, you are targeting those interested in your services, and second, you are ensuring that these potential clients or customers are going to see your website within the first page of a Google search result, all thanks to Jemsu!

So many of these old homes were absolute treasures, these were the kinds of homes in neighborhoods that people loved so much, they literally stayed until they died there. These quaint, brick and gorgeous homes varied in size, but every one of them looked like a picturesque kind of scene from a movie or something. The area I’m talking about was kinda up and coming, and there were some real estate investment opportunities that were presenting themselves. I personally wanted to own one of these homes but I already lived in the suburbs with my husband and three kids, the school system was much better there. We’d be considered monsters if we let our kids be subjected to the poor educational standard in the city school district, so we sacrificed culture and in return, we gained some piece of mind with regard to our children’s public educational upbringing.

We managed a couple properties for my wife’s parents, and they’d been talking to us about getting into financial position so that we could invest in another property. We’d saved up over 80 grand by this point, but the fix and flip that we needed was going to cost us about double that, in all likelihood. The homes that we’d be looking at would probably involve us tearing up the old carpets to reveal the original hardwood flooring beneath. Make any necessary repairs to the plumbing or electrical wiring in the house and consider the cost of a kitchen remodel probably. We might need a little hardwood floor repairhardwood floor repair before we get it refinished, for some reason I was sure that the potential house we were going to invest in and flip, was going to have carpet over the floors.

We talked to the wife’s parents about our situation and a couple of the homes that were coming up for sale in our targeted area. They agreed to back us another 80 to 100 grand to get the repairs and remodels done that would surely be necessary. A week later, we’d looked at three houses and sure enough, everyone one of them had hardwood floors beneath the carpet. I loved hardwood floors and they produced an ambiance that was a whole lot more inviting, they even made the rooms they were in look bigger.

It was safe to assume that we’d need to hire a hardwood floor refinishing company to come in and make the necessary repairs and get them back to their original state of grace. A lot of these carpet installers that came in decades ago, had no regard for the floors that their nails and staples were lodging themselves into. So, there was some minor filling that needed to be done so that when it was sanded down, everything would be level and there’s be no gaps or holes. Then they’d lay down the finish and buff it out and look what you’ve got. You’ve got more selling power is what you’ve got and that’s all that really matters, making money is the name of the game and you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

Finding the necessary headache relief that you were looking for can be difficult for many people. Some people feel that it is a random attack on their brain that is causing all the pain. But research shows us that many times there are actual causes behind these headaches. And if these types of things can be taken out of the picture the headaches may quit altogether. Finding the right resources and background for your headache may prove to be the natural solution you been looking for. Finding natural cluster headache relief in natural Migraine relief is helping many people realize that they can make a difference in their lives by being able to get rid themselves of migraines that may have been plaguing him for many years.

Finding natural headache relief can really make the difference in being able to enjoy life to its fullest.natural migraine relief Having to live day after day with to build dating pain can be truly devastating for many people. No one wants to really have to deal with pain regularly especially when it comes to a sore head ask. Where all of our thought processes take place sometimes it can be a very hard task to be able to deal with this type of pain on a frequent basis. Being able to find a solution for the headache pain is what many people need to find rather than trying to treat just the symptoms. Natural headache relief involves being able to take care of the source of the problems that are happening. While being able to treat headaches can be somewhat difficult for many people by finding the right migraine relief through natural resources can prove to be very effective for them. Finding natural migraine headache relief can prove to be the Best way to handle your problems with headaches.

Headaches make a difference in your overall livelihood and make a big difference on how your everyday goes. Being able to rid yourself of the frequent pain is a big part of what being able to live the life normally is all about. My being able to take advantage of what the Lexington headache clinic offers you’ll be a will to find resources and opportunities to really find great natural ways to relieve yourselves from the headache pain. There are a large number of stuff resources that can really help you find the natural way to take care of the pain. It is not just taking care of the pain either in a natural way it is preventing the pain from occurring. This is what can prove to make a big difference in your overall success rate. Take the first steps that you need to buy giving the Lexington headache clinic a call to be over to get the references you need to get into see them. They can make a difference in how you feel about dealing with your headache pain and you will be able to see more ways in which you can naturally take care of the pain. By being able to work on different types of methods to help to give you migraine relief to pain you can find a solution that will work best for you. Getting rid of the pain can be done and you can have hope once again.


Data science finds patterns to increase operational efficiency

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When you think of data science and locating patterns in large data sets, you do not always imagine that this can be used for a purpose such as increasing organizational efficiency. It is certainly easy to imagine that this work is easier said than done. In fact, data analysis can seem like a massively daunting and difficult task to work through, especially if you are unfamiliar with this kind of work. When you imagine computer science and working through large sets of data, if your palms start sweating you are not alone. This kind of work is often so difficult to imagine that many people stray away from it altogether. However, it is for this reason that so many operations are run inefficiently and ineffectually. If you are afraid to take that step forward and unwilling to learn about the different ways to use data to your advantage, then you run the risk of running a business that is wasting time, energy, and money, all because you failed to take a leap. This leap can be daunting if you think you must go it alone. However, there are many companies out there that are full of analytics consultants who can help you make the bold next step into the world of data science that can make your work easier and more efficient all at once!

http://www.mosaicdatascience.comMosaic Data Science is one such data science analytics consulting firm that makes life easier for those who take a step into this world of computer science and data. Indeed, they use data mining and data science to identify patterns within your organizational structure to make your work more efficient. Locating patterns in large data sets is not just for making new discoveries. It can be useful in making bold moves towards increased efficiency and better operations within the work that you do. Mosaic Data Science has experience working in verticals such as logistics, medicine, banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and media, and high technology. With all of these different fields of expertise, it is easy to see why their work in helping companies becoming more efficient through data science has been so successful. The projects that Mosaic Data Science has been a part of have seen reductions of millions of dollars in annuals cost reductions for companies. Indeed, one example of their success comes from the commercial domestic air travel industry. Their recommendations, if implemented on the recommended time table and in their entirety, will save the industry several billion dollars per year. This kind of practical application of data science means that the clients they serve are saving significant amounts of money and are doing so with relative ease. Data science is being used to make companies more efficient, a practice which saves the general public money as well. Data science is not just some heady discipline that smart computer science people use for fun. It is a pragmatic approach to cutting costs in expensive industries that makes for a more efficient economy. Call Mosaic Data Science today!

Mosaic Data Science

540 Fort Evans Rd. NE Ste. 300

Leesburg, VA 20176

(866) 202-8600


Urgent Care Henderson is at the forefront of medical care

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Places like Henderson are getting new Urgent Care facilities at a truly rapid pace.  The primary concept of an urgent care clinic is that there is a level of medical service – what we can call “urgent care” – that is not as severe as issues that need an emergency room but are too serious to wait around to get an appointment at a conventional doctor’s office.  It has become increasingly obvious that the two options – doctor’s office or emergency room – do not have enough flexibility to cover that middle ground area.  And since they don’t actually meet the needs of the people going to them, the “service level” (as in customer service) can wind up being quite low.

An emergency room should be used for its namesake: emergencies.  If your life is in immediate danger due to some kind of trauma or sickness, or if you are having a heart attack, you should call an ambulance and go to the hospital.  Doing otherwise is foolishly risking your life. The emergency room has access to the kinds of medical equipment that only hospitals can afford to have; once you are in a stable condition, they then can pass you to the doctor for long term care.

Going to the doctor’s office is the right move when the issue that you have is not an immediate threat and you can afford to take some time working with it.  I happen to have rheumatoid arthritis; I go to the doctor regularly for long term care.  Emergency care doesn’t make sense for treating an illness that is going to be long term (like my arthritis).  Regular visits to your doctor are the best course of action for that kind of illness.

An urgent care clinic – like Urgent Care Henderson – falls in between those two ends of the spectrum.  There are many situations that are not life-threatening but do need to be taken care of right away.  Let’s use a broken finger as the perfect example: nobody dies from a broken finger.  However, if it is not taken care of quickly then there can be serious complications.  Urgent care clinics are meant to fill that space where a doctor’s office cannot work quickly enough but an emergency room is going overboard.

Urgent care clinics also help reduce the crowding of emergency rooms and the over-full schedules of doctor’s offices.  Many patients who are seen at emergency rooms in hospitals would be better served in an urgent care clinic.  A case of the flu in an otherwise healthy adult is not an emergency, but it could well be urgent.  Additionally, clinics like the Urgent Care in Henderson are handling many types of items that are traditionally done at doctor’s offices, such as getting physicals or getting tetanus booster shots.  That helps doctors free up more time to see patients that need more direct and focused care.

The trend toward urgent care clinics is a positive one.  Hopefully in the near future we will be able to have Urgent Care clinics in every community.

urgent care henderson


Finding our perfect wedding ring combination

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It has not been an easy thing for us, to go out and find the perfect wedding ring combination. I think it is because both of us have competing ideas for what a wedding ring will look like, and what the set and style will look like. There is just not enough of an option out there for us to both find what we want and what we want to wear for the rest of our lives. People think that it is the girl who is the only one who cares what her ring looks like because she has to wear it forever. But it is also the boy who cares too, and he also has to wear it forever. There is just no simple and easy solution, because the problem is one that can not really be answered or fixed. I have always wanted my ring to match that of my husband. But since I want my ring to look like one thing, and he wants his to look completely different, that is just not happening anymore. I have to get used to the fact that our wedding rings are not going to match, and I really just have to be okay with that and move on to something else. When we did the engagement ring, I picked out the things that I wanted in a ring, and since it was the only one we bought at the time, I didn’t think about anything having to match that engagement ring. So I got what I rings

But now that we are searching for the wedding ring to go along with it, and for the wedding ring that he will wear for the rest of his life, I realize that my engagement ring is nothing like the wedding ring he wants to wear. He is hoping to get a plain band that is black and muted, not shiny at all. He wants it to be black with a matte finish. But my ring is shiny and sparkly and it has a gold band with lots of diamonds on it. I wanted my wedding band to match the engagement ring, and that it would match his wedding ring. But that isn’t happening, because I don’t want black and he doesn’t want gold. And he doesn’t want diamonds, but I wanted a diamond ring and so that was what he got me for the engagement ring. In the end I suppose that it really doesn’t matter so much, because we will be married and we will each have rings that we love that fit our style and personality. I thought that it would mean something if we had matching rings, but that just may not happen for us. And so now I need to switch my thinking to be happy about the fact that we are getting married and we will each have rings that we love, and rings that match are not a necessity for staying together in the long term commitment of marriage.


My big day is coming up. I am going to be 20 years old next Tuesday. It’s a big birthday, in fact where I come from it’s the most important birthday in your life. I know you have been doing a lot of thinking about what you will get me; a dozen red roses, a gift certificate to the Gap or maybe tickets to see my favorite band play live in concert. All of those things are great honey, they would make me so happy and I would be really appreciative to you for them but you should know that all I really want for my birthday is a 24 carat diamond, nothing else. You can save the roses for some other special occasion and I will go and see my favorite band when they tour again next year; all that can wait. Right now, the only thing I am thinking about is a nice, big 24 carat stone glistening on my ring finger.

We have been dating now for almost 4 months and you are really special to me and I know that I am really special to you and I also know that you want to make me happy on my special day so this is how you can do it; drive down to Tony’s fine jewelry store and tell him that you want a 24 carat flawless diamond for your sweetheart. Tell him you want it set in a ring of high end white gold or else platinum. Platinum lasts forever the same way my gratitude for you buying me with ring will last forever. You could have it set in one of those awful yellow gold bands but you wouldn’t want me to look like I was some kind of low trash girl. I promise to act surprised when you take me out to the nicest restaurant in town and hand me the tiny box with my 24 carat ring inside. I will scream and pretend that I never suspected you would have gotten me a 24 carat ring, set in high grade platinum. I’ll go to work the next day and show all my girlfriends the ring and make them jealous that my boyfriend would go out on his own, and just buy me such a special gift. I will be so happy I think I will even get a bumper sticker that says, “My diamond is bigger than yours.”

Besides baby, you should feel good knowing that if anything happens between us, this 24 carat ring with insure that I will have money enough to maintain myself while I look for another boyfriend. You won’t have to feel guilty or worried for me. Each and every of these 24 carats that you are about to buy me are a symbol of how much we love each other and how much we care. So, I just want to thank you in advance for the best birthday girt anyone has ever given me!

Ari Diamond

814 West 1425 North

Layton, UT

(801) 776-8830



We are probably the biggest single customers of our local hardware store. There just always seems to be something that we need from there, and there always seems to be some project that we are working on that we need another part or piece for. I can’t imagine what we would do with our time or our money if there was no local hardware store for us to go shop at. There are times when I don’t even know that we could do something and then I see it at the hardware store and we decided to do that project. There are items that exist out there that I have never seen before, that you can get at the hardware store. It really is incredible how many things we find that we want to do when we walk in there. I should put a limit on the amount of time we are allowed to spend in there, because the more time we are there the more money we are going to spend, and that is never always a good thing. I find that many of our projects do end up making our lives easier or the house better in some way. There is just really no reason to keep doing it on such a frequent basis. We can’t find other things to do that will keep us busy apparently, because we love the local hardware store and so we choose to spend our time and our dollars there so that we can keep doing the projects that we want to do, around the house and the yard. local hardware store

I think that maybe in retirement we will want to just own the local hardware store. That way we can get all of our items and needs for cost, and we can also sell what we don’t need to make a profit! It seems to make sense to me, because that is where we are going to be all the time anyway. I think that owning a local hardware store actually may make a lot of sense for us, because there is nothing that we love more than home improvement projects, and we have a lot of knowledge and advice to give to others about that. There would be a lot of value in being able to come into a local hardware store and get your questions answered by the owner, who has already completed that some project before and knows what the pitfalls are and the expectations should be. And we would also know exactly what tools and materials they would need for that project, because we would have already done it most likely. But for now, we are going to continue to work, not be in retirement, and then continue to frequent our local hardware store and buy things that we didn’t even know we needed or wanted. There is really no other thing that we like to do together, so we may as well do this and call it good. Because we are happy and our home is becoming more and more wonderful.